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"Which makes us wonder whether it will ever be safe to believe a Republican?"

I love 'rhetorical questions'. I would ask it another way - when did it finally happen that every Republican statement was nothing but projection and outright lies? There was a time, back maybe before Nixon, when there was at least a grain of truth in most GOP statements, even if there might also be a heapin' helpin' of deceit and misleading phrasing. Now every word is a lie, including and and the. Was it Reagan that finished the job, or was it more the outright purchase of the information purveyors by the GOP's owners?


The crazy thing is that they're doing their lying at a time when every word that they say can be fact-checked or video of them saying the exact opposite can easily be found. As a politician you shouldn't be allowed to get away with this garbage, but unfortunately blogs, Stewart, and Colbert are the only ones calling republicans out on their bullshit.

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