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Like the betters at the track, but the analogy is wrong. You see the losers at the track were the patrons. We made the bet based on the cheat sheet they, the owners of the track, gave us. We had to bet on one of the 8 horses entered. They bet on the ninth, a ringer.They made money on the "shorts", they rigged the race, and bet on winning and losing. And then they hobbled the horses, changing the rules, where hobbling was legal.So how could they lose money. They didn't, the government blinked, and said my bad, the rules don't apply to your bad. But someone else do it? if you have enough money, they will blink again...


Wow, Jim! You are well-informed about betting! My first, last, and only bet took place at a track in Maryland. I was twelve. I bet, I won, $22. A fortune. I blew it immediately on something my parents wouldn't let me keep in the house.

Still, I can spell "bettor" better than you do.


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