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How come Amazon can get a complex system working AND integrate it with external systems?

All the arguments put forward re this fiasco are rather disturbing. People are forgetting it is the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT who paid someone with YOUR TAX DOLLARS to do some work. It is apparent that there was a total lack of oversight with regard to the work being done and the lack of quality standards being applied during testing.

I work in software development and an important aspects of putting up a system is ensuring proper testing is undertaken. Also, capacity and load testing in excess of anticipated/likely load on the system needs to be performed.

Serious questions need asking re the lack of attention to detail, the lack of control, and the major failure to ensure your tax dollars are being spent properly.

I strongly suspect the work was out-sourced and sent offshore. The lesson to be learned from this is not only is the website not working, it results in Americans not working. You can have the best health system in the world but it is uselss if people cannot afford it.

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