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Andrew Markoff

What the GOP knows well and that the Democrats never get is that continual "scandal" and negative campaigning not only gin up the right, but they depress votes for Democrats. That's because regular, ordinary people who don't watch cable news and don't follow all of these political narratives get turned off by both the sleazy accuser and the supposedly accused. When the electorate overall gets disgusted by negative politicking, they don't find it imperative to vote. The most common refrain is, "Oh, they're all a bunch of crooks."

I registered so many young people to vote who, despite supporting President Obama and intending to vote for him, didn't know if he was a Democrat or a Republican, and they thus remained unsure as to which party to join. One thing that will consistently rile up the American electorate, however, and inspire many to show their support is a well-placed insult. Americans love that. It's a bullying culture and a culture that values entertainment above all. After all, entertainment is our one remaining export.

In describing this entire Presidency, Lawrence Tribe puts it best:

Obama “is being a bit too much the constitutional lawyer in some of these matters and not enough the ordinary citizen, sharing the anger that ordinary citizens understandably feel but flexing the muscles that no citizen other than Barack Obama possesses.”

That's what is meant when people refer to FDR. Where's the outrage- the outrage of an ordinary person- a regular American? A great weakness and a neglect of the Democratic Party is a continual refusal to acknowledge how wearying and stressful it is for the left to listen to all of this shit, let alone regular people who aren't politically astute. There needs to be a lot more sympathy demonstrated for the psychological stress all of the political battles put on ordinary people.

While Obama and his administration and operatives probably love to feel that they can predict the ultimate outcome of an election and all of the banter because they can see the math and the polling and history, regular people often cannot. They don't know where it's going or where it's going to end. Just as Obama neglected the 2010 elections to the point of malpractice- as did the entire party infrastructure- his aloofness to the emotional pain the right is causing on regular Americans who just want to make a living, raise their families and have faith in the potential of their communities is inexcusable.

Barack Obama has most certainly been just the right kind of man to be President of the United States, but unfortunatly he too often doesn't seem at all the right guy for these times involving extraordinary efforts to stop the process of governing and to further consolidate power for the very rich. He too often expresses his sympathy for those who border on treasonous behavior in their efforts to aggrandize the GOP as well as for those who view Wall Street as a seperate country.

Unfortuanately, Barack Obama appears to view such negative and destructive influences as simply legitimate factors in the process of democracy. President Obama is not, however, a mediator between warring factions. He's effectively the leader of the Democratic Party, and he damn well start truly acting like a Democrat as well as a citizen who is outraged by efforts not only to obstuct his agenda but to ruin ordinary people's lives.

Getting in between the parties seems to me to be an effort better suited to elder statesman. President Obama ought to instead succinctly let us all know what all of this is about in a way that could make Jon Stewart proud, because if he continues to remain aloof and disdainful of directly answering his critics, it's much of Jon Stewart's target audience that may concede 2014 to the GOP across the country.


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