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Green Eagle

“But we also have a responsibility, under the Constitution, to provide oversight of the executive branch of government.”

And where, exactly, does it say that in the Constitution? I just reread Article I, concerning Congress, and I saw nothing about that.

Sure, we are taught that the three branches of government are supposed to provide checks against each other, but I see nothing to that effect in the Constitution.

Boehner, like all right wingers, loves spouting off about the Constitution, but in the end neither knows nor cares about what it really says.


You're right. In order to double check, I went to that powerful tool, Google -- now more powerful than the Constitution, right? -- and find oversight is an assumed power that's been kind-of-shall-we-say "legitimized" by common practice and I was going to suggest sexual parallels but won't. Wiki says the Supreme Court okayed it -- Congressional oversight that is, not sex.

Boehner should by now and by any decent measures be spending his life in stocks on the Mall.

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