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It's not Zombies, or anything that rational - the GOP is a religion, and the key test of faith in a religion is how strongly you can believe the tenets when the facts seem to contradict them. The more wrong you seem to be, the stronger you must hold to your beliefs to Prove Your Faith.
It's interesting - back when the core of this religion was laid down as opposition to the Class Traitor FDR and his existentially threatening Socialist policies, there was a real basis for this stuff, as stupid, selfish and greedy as it was (cf The Bible). The USSR did actually seem to be a real danger both from the outside and the inside, and even if we discount the ever-present urge to act in our own self-interest, a case could be made that the GOP Mammon-worshippers of the time were acting at least in part out of sincere interest in what they saw as patriotism. Even their children (GHW Bush, for instance) were still likely to at least consider the interests of the USA as something separate from, and larger than, their personal interests. However, the war-profiteers and sociopathic robber barons gradually out-competed them, and their grand-children became indoctrinated in the "Me first!" "I'm entitled to it!" "Government exists to give me money!" world-view of the Fundamentalist, Evangelical Mammonites.*

*Remember the Basic Rule of GOP shoutrage about their Enemies: It's always projection.

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