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Wayne LaPierre is just another fear monger capitalizing on the existential dread ignited by the attacks of September 11. In his dystopian image of America, the only thing standing between one’s death on the mean streets teeming with violent (and non-white) criminals and one’s personal safety is a firearm – preferably an assault weapon equipped with a large capacity clip.

Those that stoke the fears of anxious citizens, like LaPierre, are dangerous men. Behind their rhetoric of freedom and democracy they are consciously or unconsciously laying the groundwork for a fascist revival.


Quit trying to disarm people, and you won't upset them.


What we are witnessing is the tritration of 2nd Amendment supporters, a separating out of those for whom firearms exist simply as tools for self-protection and sport from those for whom firearms carry a totemic importance far beyond their utility. Reasonable gun owners like myself view restrictions on a certain class of weapon as unfortunate but necessary for public welfare. Those who imbue firearms with an eschatological significance exhibit a rage uncharacteristically in excess of what would be expected with reasonable restrictions.

The 2nd Amendment does not protect the ownership of firearms as fetish objects by deviant personalities. It’s this truth that fuels the crazy talk among those who see any restriction as a step towards complete disarmament.


For crying out loud, Menachem, where do you get your info? No one is trying to "disarm people."

What's going on here is no different from the requirement that one demonstrates the competence and maturity to handle a car before being allowed to drive one on public roads. I have a license to use my car. But that doesn't and shouldn't give me the license to drive dangerously, or to deliberately threaten others while driving, or to pilot an Abrams tank along Farm-to-Market road 1498 and onto the US highway to town.


It is totally different. Colorado, New York and other places are, by statute alone, disarming law abiding citizens who are in compliance with all the current laws.

What this is like is as if the state took away everyone's vehicle because a drunk driver ran into a school bus full of children and killed them all.

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