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I blame Twitter. Just two months almost to the day from that first tweet --- this!

Richard W. Crews

I think that the reality that he covered up sexual acts (of others) is getting too close to Pope Ratzo.


That and other matters, RWC. He wasn't (it's said) a "good manager." My translation of that is that there exists within the Vatican (surprise!) a way of doing things "the way we've always done them". Ratzo didn't mesh well with that group. There's almost no leader who "really runs things." The next tier down has that wrapped up.

BTW, I think that's why Cheney goes on, unto the grave, with his complaints. He expected/wanted to be that powerful next-tier-down's leader but wasn't, not really. In spite of his knowledge of the bureaucracy. Loud as his voice got, he was never more than a staffer.

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