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I don't share what appears to be your poor opinion on Woodward. However, my experience of him is relatively recent - but they've been overall good impressions.

I think that the press will always bump heads with folks and things that shouldn't be said are probably said on a regular basis. I, too, think that it is unfortunate that he may/will go on Hannity. I just posted about that guy.


Aha! So you are Moderate Nation. I don't know if it's some quirk, but your blog is barely legible for me -- Windows/Firefox. The type looks like it's been chewed by a mouse, very fragmented. I saw you were writing about Hannity and wanted to see more. Any idea why this might happen with your site?

I haven't trusted Woodward for a long time and often wonder what that confirmed progressive, Bob Redford, thinks of him!


Yes, it is me! :)

You're the only person that has reported this issue to me. I will try it in these browsers. Would you be willing to try it in Chrome and/or Safari? Just for the sake of checking?

I look forward to seeing your stuff! I have two more to catch up to.


To follow up, I've tried my site on a windows PC (I have a Mac) and 2 out of three browsers look like a cat scratched my text from top to bottom of the screen. Very strange.

It must be what you're talking about. I'll see what I can do to fix it. My new blogging status may not turn up much, but I'll try. Thanks!


Definitely cat, not mouse! When the page first flickers up, the text is a beautiful, clear white for a nanosecond or less...


Check it out now, let me know what you think.

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