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Obama Nov 21, 2011: "I will veto ANY attempt to prevent the sequester."

Why would Speaker Boehner want to make a liar out of the President ?


Neo -- could you find verification for that quote? I googled it and found it to be one of those things conservative media attribute to Obama, but no actual citation for the quote. Need a citation, please, if you can get one.

Meanwhile, the Jed Report has this:

"In November 2011, President Obama's position was that the only way to avoid the sequester was for Congress to replace it with a balanced deficit reduction plan that included both spending cuts and revenue increases. The president has got the same exact position today. The only thing that has changed is that the president is willing to replace the sequester in installments—as long as those installments are balanced.

"But the RNC's video completely ignores all of that. The President Obama that you see in the video threatens to veto any effort to avoid sequestration, even though he plainly said in the very next breath that he wanted to replace the sequester with a balanced deficit reduction deal including spending cuts and revenue increases. But that didn't suit the GOP message, so they simply created their own reality by splicing and dicing the video.

"The strange thing about this is that anybody who knows anything about the sequester understands that President Obama hoped to use it as a tool to achieve a Grand Bargain."


I think you may have swallowed a big one.

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