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Richard W. Crews

sometimes I think they should just secretly buy a bomb from NK, set it off in their desert, and go "There! It's done! We;re not aggressive and we got past that threshold - leave us alone!"

But then, again, sometimes I think we should announce to the world a place, by coordinates, in that Iranian desert, and tell everyone a time and date as to when to stand back. Then we drop an unarmed Minuteman missile, fired from North Dakota, within a 100 feet of that target, right in front of the whole world.

Richard W. Crews

The best policy would be a Palestinian/Israeli solution - two viable states. If a poll of Palestinians indicated satisfaction with the solution, and an optimistic attitude, then we, the "West", i guess that's what we are, we would have the right to ask Iran, Al-Queda, various unhappy Middle-Eastern folks, "what's your problem?" Because the problems they would come up with would be their own problems.

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