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A Conservative Teacher

So, more revenue will be extracted from the rich, so they will have less money to use to buy goods and services or invest in businesses.

Maybe I'm just a simple guy, but I don't see how this makes our entitlement programs solvent, lowers the annual budget deficits of over 1 trillion, pays down our national debt of 16 trillion, increases economic growth, creates jobs, furthers the free choices and liberty, or strengthens the protections of private property.

Anyone else know how this 'deal' does any of that, or are those simply problems for my children to tackle when they are bigger and more pressing and our nation has less resources with which to tackle them?


Con, I wish you a happy new year and one in which the conservative whine of thirty years comes to an end.

However, if that whine (and the prolonged misuse of power by conservative leaders) doesn't end, your children will be tackling life in an America that no longer even resembles a free and prosperous nation.

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