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Richard W. Crews

I'm thinking that most of those murders were gang and street-crime type murders, and, this is terrible to say, but those murders aren't the kind a lot of people worry about.
(As an aside, I've long advocated for inner-city free shooting lessons for anyone. No fees for anything, training, real guns, the works. It might take the edge off a lot of people, might illustrate the terrible effectiveness, but MY main objective was that if I have to live with gangs sneaking around shooting at each other - I want them to hit what they're aiming at. No collateral damage and a big-time self reducing agent.)
The theatre shoot-up reached out to an abstract public place and innocent surprised people. Do murder rates track social ills spilling over? I doubt it. Maybe Giffords in AZ, but not VaTech.
I believe in data, social engineering, and a lot of proactive society mechanisms, but this one seems almost moot. I can tell you where not to go, and when, in my town without the program.


Maybe it's living in deep country that clarifies this, but I don't think of a social disease as existing largely in an identifiable neighborhood that one can drive around. If the disease is there, it's in all of us. And even if we only care about #1, we'd still be a lot better off eliminating the disease. Interestingly, until recently (maybe still, for all I know) some cultures don't even have a word for "I". Some natives of this land,for a start.

Richard W. Crews

I don't understand the meaning of the point you brought up : ... cultures without "I" ... . Then, especially, saying OUR culture.
OUR culture has waaaaay too much "I". Back in the 50's, losers just snuk into a corner and rotted or offed themselves. Now losers think they're so special that they want to drag a dozen strangers along with them - 'cause they're so .... full of their loser selves.
Call me old fashioned, stupid, whatever ( I am a 64 yo not-so-ex-Hippie who is SOLID Democrat.) but I don't think people under 16 should even begin to think they're swell. Or anything but an indebted sponge in a fortunate situation.
Too much ego and self-appreciation in this country.

As for my first point: I'm an urban dweller who gets around even after dark, and I know enough to avoid the gang & street-crime action, which I think is the dominant crime, the easiest to map, and easiest to predict. Also, easiest to control. The random, usually multiple killings by people who were non-criminals with legal guns, right up until the act who no one can see coming. A school? Shopping center? Maybe, just maybe, a daily workplace may be regular enough to see a crackup coming, but that's just seeing something, not predicting.


"I don't understand the meaning of the point you brought up : ... cultures without "I" ... . Then, especially, saying OUR culture.
OUR culture has waaaaay too much "I"."

There are (or at least still were there in the '50's) native American cultures where people didn't refer to a self, cultures studied by anthropologists. We latter-day Americans could learn from them...

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