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Not Completely Useless

The part I don't get is how the Republicans seem to think there's a qualitative difference between money raised by increasing tax rates and money raised by decreasing tax deductions. Talk about raising rates and they warn you the economy is going to collapse because "job creators" won't invest anymore. Talk about raising the same amount of money from the same people by decreasing deductions and they're fine with it. What's the difference, guys? None as far as I can tell.


Lots of reasons for behaving like this, not excluding their proven party-wide mental illness -- the same brand of illness that too often turns into angry, destructive behaviors like taking a gun into a movie theatre and using it. Didn't used to be, but by now (thanks to Republican affiliates) this kind of embittered, messianic fury is more commonplace than we would have dreamed even as recently as the Reagan administration.

At the very least, they are confirmed obstructionists.

Their targets? The people who didn't vote for them. That includes the "librul" world of moochers like museums and education and eldercare and music and libraries and the disabled and the homeless and so on. All of these and plenty more will have to take the hit in their guts if donors cut back their contributions to non-profits on account of losing the tax advantage of donating. Besides, the political disadvantages to right -- the symbolism, and risks coming from upping a tax rate on the Adelsons and Kochs -- is more than they can handle.

Being rich, don't forget, means you're one of god's favorites.

Next question? Like, how about their being baby-eaters?


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