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Not Completely Useless

Of course the solution is more opportunity for voting, but I'm not sure the Republicans will see it that way. The problem can also be solved by fewer people voting, which would fit right in with their previous work on voter suppression.

To solve the problem, they just have to match the opportunity to vote with the number of people who want to vote. There's no guarantee they'll expand the first.


We need much more coherent rules about voting. I'm not eager to put voting in the hands of the feds, but I do think the process and the requirements should be very similar. Maybe an independent bipartisan board with real clout would do the trick. And we need a new system for drawing districts. I have no problem at all with a national identity card.

Republicans need better policies to attract voters, way better than tampering with the process, from redistricting to the act of casting a ballot that's counted correctly.

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