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Richard W. Crews

The decline of the Republican mentality is coming due. Decades of willful ignorance has hurt them and is now hurting America. Never has a minority tried to hurt the country for political points as has the Republican Party.

The division amongst the losers is a dark humor. As they try to explain their lose, it's a division between the deluded and the extremely deluded. Some Republicans think they weren't conservative enough; not severely pure. The others seem to think their ugly policies can be repackaged; new words hide old ideas and win!

I see it as ignorant and/or evil people arguing whether to brag or lie. They'll find it hard to be appropriate in modern America. They're courting permanent minority.

Since Republican policy is bogus, they can't assemble a coherent offer to President Obama. Boehner can't make policy with his crazy posse, who are all economic zombies enslaved to Grover Norquist. Shameful! I hate that my congressman, Issa, can't think for himself.

Furthermore, their willingness to hurt America for Party is completely visible. President Obama has presented a very specific offer, while Republican double-talk has no substance, isn't an offer, and the so-called “fiscal cliff” looms (as I write).

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