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The states that do that will consign them to political irrelevance in the presidential race. Might not be a political winner, and in a state like Ohio would be really obvious too.

Also - games like that might accelerate efforts on this as a response, so be careful what you wish for.


My mind was traveling along the same route when I read the news this morning. But what remains stunning is the flagrancy of the Republican party's attempts to regain power. You'd think -- with their numbers going down to used-car salesman level -- they at least try to be a little more subtle!

BTW, what was Ohio's reaction to the Michigan anti-labor law?


Generally appalled. I guess I didn't give our GOP enough credit - they're apparently lots better than Michigan's. (Unions have been sending support up north.)


Ohioans are way smarter than average. Though I guess it's not that "something in the water..."!


Oh, you're too kind.

Just saw this, funny enough.


I was just over at your place and stimulated to think about (and appreciate the significance of) how many versions of "who's at fault" there are already. To date, most explanations look for a way of avoiding the larger discussion of what these incidents say about the health of our country and the extent to which the culture we have built has failed us. Comparisons with other more successful nations are useful, but in the end we have to face ourselves.

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