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Richard W. Crews

$18.30 approx based on 300M of us. But how can we start a program to pay for only 2/3 of schools? we'd have to pick up the whole tab.
And there was an armed guard, or two, at Columbine. Even took a shot, as I have read. Some schools are really big.
What about lunch breaks? Have to be on pay and on location. So is delivery allowed? ooooh! a way in! and straight to the guy you need to get rid of first!
Pizza. Bang! shootShoot.


It seems the school total is close enough to 100,000 that the math becomes easier. (See Maureen Dowd's editorial today.)

I like your thinking! Except for the pizza. Don't want to depend on a portly guard with bad indigestion and a fogged mind.

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