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How I wish you were right. But 30 Republican governors and many state legislatures mean there is still a strong back bench.


Oh,yes! Other posts here have gone at that issue head-on. The states, and particularly their legislatures are what we have to work on over the next two years and a beyond. TX is gradually flipping to the Dems, but only gradually...

(And in my experience here in rural TX -- in my county at least -- Republicans are doing a great job of local administration. Really. They share power with Democrats locally. But this is rare. And when it comes to national elections, they play very dirty. They have had a long history here of keeping Democratic party meeting from taking place meeting room and -- sometimes -- from voting.)

Andrew Markoff

I do believe that the Republican effort to appeal to white men by demonizing "others" will likely never end, so their talk of reforming the party and appealing to wider demographics is most likely just talk.

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