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ezra abrams

Don't you know anything about the media in America ?
this is how they operate.
Somewhere, maybe not even on the web, is a short bio of A J Muste, and he is described as a guy whose pockets are always full of newspapers, and every now and then, on a rare occaision, when he found a story worth reading, he would share it with people.

I mean, the main stream media being bad - dog bites man dude
before you post more, why don't you go read Liebling and Mencken and a few others in that vein


Yes, the WaPo seems to insult its readers. Why make a big deal of the disclosure of more of Romney's taxes, when Sec. Geithner has not paid his taxes, and yet continues in office in the Obama administration?


Wow. Two protectors of the status quo...

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