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Great post! ALEC holds immense amounts of influence over many state legislatures, especially in conservative-leaning areas. CCA and GEO pay them tons of money to essentially have a spot on the steering committee for criminal justice, which has for years pushed laws like "three strikes" and "truth-in-sentencing" provisions, which have contributed significantly to our nation's overcrowded prison system. They use ALEC as essentially a front group to promote stricter sentencing laws which in turn gives them more "clients," as states increasingly turn to private prisons to alleviate the prison systems they've overstuffed with these ridiculous statutes. What's even worse is that private prisons are almost always of a lower quality than state-run prisons, as they cuts corners on staffing, maintenance, medical care, and a host of other areas to help maximize profits. So as more and more people go into these private prisons, more and more citizens and immigrants are subjected to all sorts of abuses of power and human rights.

For way more on the private prison industry and all its despicable practices, check out http://whyihatecca.blogspot.com


Thanks, Mike. I tried to say thanks+suggestion in a comment at your site but it rejected me! :(

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