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You are not very bright, are you?Or perhaps you are blind? Look around you and tell me truthfully that this world has improved in any way with the emergence of people that think like you? The answer is simply NO.


You sound like a kid! Which means you emerged later than me. And look how you've screwed up since then! Maybe we should take birth control a lot more seriously? The answer is definitely Yes!


You think the world has improved? I guess YOU are the kid for such an unrealistic view of what is happening in America and in Europe. It's comforting to be a dreamer, isn't it? If you are willing to open your eyes, and REALLY take a good look around, you might begin to ask yourself, "How did this all happen? This is not the America I know and love." AND if you look around and think you see wonderful changes taking place, you either have cataracts or some misplaced sense of American guilt; if you don't respect and love your country for its exceptionalism then I suggest you live in Greece instead.


No, it isn't the America I once knew. But the rot -- the most recent rot -- began during the Reagan administration and has been taken forward since by uninformed people on the right whose leaders are largely funded by global corporations. Greece is lovely. So are Britain and lots of other countries many Americans have lived and worked in, -- or at least traveled to. America's exceptionalism has become false pride, led by false prophets.

That's the mess we're in and ignorance will keep us there.I hope you will detach yourself from it.

Lech Dharma

Simply because technology has made it easier---and faster---to travel from one geographic area to another has NOTHING to do with a free nation giving up it's "sovereignty" to a world government. The Revolutionary War was waged to throw off the yoke of oppression from what had become a "foreign" country. Patriotic Americans have no need or desire to put the yoke of a world government back over the necks.


Lech, the world is a great deal smaller and has a much, much greater population than during the Revolutionary War. The "yoke of world government" has never been on our necks but the need for cooperation with other nations is even more acute. We share a smaller space, diminishing resources. Even if we were to choose the route of constant war (god forbid) we'd have to face the fact that we've lost most of the wars we've made recently and the wars we've "won" are the ones where we'd had allies -- i.e. help. We do a lot better when we respect others and cooperate in managing the small space we live in. This "world government" thing appears to be a fantasy, born of alienation, fear and ignorance for which "patriotism" is a broken crutch.

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