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Yeah, I get it. And I agree... but, how? We can be against the corporations as much as we want but, individually, we don't have the clout. Sure, I can stop watching TV and stop buying some products but will GE notice? Does Pfizer care? Will Monsanto wither away if I don't financially support them?

Honestly, how do we go about "mattering"?

Smooth Jazz

Huh, You're actually calling Andrew Sullivan a conservative. If you think he is a conservative, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you - at a major discount to boot. The guy is as deranged a lefty is there is anywhere. Sullivan a Conservative. I laughed so hard at that one I almost cracked a rib


BBH: "We" means we. That's something Democrats have trouble with. Republicans, when something really matters to them, have no problem marching in lockstep. Imagine if, say, 75,000,000 Americans cancelled their cable subscriptions and sold off their GE stock. Think no one would notice?

Smooth: Try reading Sullivan. You know -- all of Sullivan. You'll figure it out.

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