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The Democratic Party dominated the House of Representatives during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933–1945), often winning over two-thirds of the seats. Both Democrats and Republicans were in power at various times during the next decade. The Democratic Party maintained control of the House from 1954 until 1995. They are once again in charge of the House and spending is unsustainable. Continue to bash Republicans, it will take the heat off of the current administration. Good luck on trying to pay off this debt.


There was that silver spoon kid, the cowboy -- between Clinton's surplus and Obama's inherited deficit -- who sold us down the river. Wasn't he a Republican? The little creep had lots of spendin' help from his Republican legislators.

No. Ain't gonna buy that "fiscally responsible Republican myth" no more. Talk ain't action. The only belts Republicans pull in are other people's belts. Period. End discussion.


"Ms. Scozzafava did not say whom, if anyone, she would endorse." -- NYT


Is that the latest, DEIRK? When I posted, it was still in doubt.

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