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I'm glad Wilson did what he did, hope more of his peers take up the attitude, and certainly hope Democrats give it back in full measure when the GOP regains the White House sometime in my great-grandchildren's dotage.


Sheesh, you're in a sour, pessimistic mood this morning, Dan!! How about "never", huh?


Are you serious? Michelle looked fab..Examiner has an article on it..I don't know why people with no fashion sense (I can tell) love to comment on what other people wear. Should she have blended in with the black and grey sea of people...no comments on Jill Biden's white skirt-gasp after labor day...seriously guys stick to politics and let people who can wear a cardigan, coat or skirt and have said article of clothing sell out like frito lays-k?


I can't believe the inappropriate and disrespectful behavior towards our president.


And all that over a dress! Laydees, Michelle Obama is probably the best looking and (usually) the best-dressed "first lady" in my long life-time (no, I didn't think much of Jackie's little pill boxes). But even Michelle can goof. And she did. And oh boy, you should see me in a skirt!

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