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You effen idiot--all these events occurred on Clinton's watch.


BBill, you get my 2007 award for Queen of de Nile!


PW: try this link: http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/refugees/reports/due_process/due_process.htm

It's a report issued October 2000. Scroll down to the Executive Summary and Recommendations paragraph to see the stories of INS stupidity being blamed on Bush and Cheney. Remember, Bush and Cheney stole the election in November of 2000. This was the organization they inherited.

"Queen of De Nile", indeed.


Tim -- INS bad behavior has been going on for god knows how many administrations. Certainly it was very bad in 1986 when I helped someone deal with immigration problems in the NY area. The obsession of the right -- what often appears to be a near-sexual infatuation -- with Clinton fuels the conviction that everything originates with him. But the current case clearly belongs to the present. So this isn't a Bush v. Clinton deal. It does, however, reflect the zealotry of the Bush administration and its political appointees.


Obsession with Clinton...waaa waaa waa! And of course you and your leftist zealots are NOT obsessed with Bush!

Actually, I was never obsessed with Clinton. I rather admired the way Bill his "Bimbo Eruption squad" run by Hilliary destroyed all those women who came forward to tell of Bill having his way with them. And to think, if it hadn't been for that darn dress, we would have got to watch them destroy Monica too. Shucks!

Clinton family values that folks like you condone as you support the "womans" candidate, Hilliary 'stand by your man' Clinton.

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