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Doesn't anyone demand an investigation of the DOJ? 3 US Assistant Attorneys murdered ( one was called a suicide but the family says its murder)Sounds like they need to get hazardous duty pay!


My first impresion, is that Enron comes to mind. Crazy thought if Ken Lay had some thing planned ? Something else might be related to what ever crimes he( Wales) was investigating. But there is the gun control issue. I read he was a gun control advocate.There was an African American counsel man here in Brooklyn who was quite an advocate against guns, but carried one into City hall and was killed there, by a ? pal who had a gun and went through the front door with James Davis. Just a coincidence? Remember Wales went to Hofstra, in NY. Any connection with someone trying to " stir up more trouble with racial tensions? odd i guess, but if someone wanted to crumble some of Americas peace getting Blacks to be more angry and violent... might work. Just a few thoughts.

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