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Whenever they finally declare the Iraq war to be over with, they can send Halliburton in the same general direction that Enron went, to the corporate scrapyard, never to be mentioned again except in contempt. As far as Mr. Cheney goes, his resignation can't come one day too soon, as far as I'm concerned, he's another one of these career politicians who've been lurking around washington for decades, and to my mind is at least partly responsible for the screwups we've seen these last 6 years. War profiteering should be considered the high crime that it is, there's grounds for your impeachment, the man's a walking conflict of interest.


Nice work P.W.





Lets Impeach Cheney.
GQ magazine- The article everyone is talking about.
Impeach Cheney
Please forward


OK, so why isn't this reporting in the mainstream media. I thought the government and media were all for getting at the source of the mismanaged and delappitated hospital. To find Halliburton and contracting out, to be the reason, the crickets are chirping in the MSM. Where is congress!! Let this be the final nail in the coffin. Impeach the whole lot of them. What a mess beyond any proportions. God help us.

mark mywords

it only works if you copy this story to your friends... and YES the ones who think they are mainstream and the ones who know they are gop.

it only works if you copy this to your senators, ESPECIALLY the ones who are GOP

and THE NEWS NETWORKS work for the wealthy, but THEY have no honor--- let them know you do not approve and will watch other stations... more importantly, let them know that you have written to THEIR SPONSORS. the one thing that will break this wall, they DO compete with each other for your money, and they have NO HONOR


This administration is all about preference for big business and privatization at the expense of all others. This combined with cronyism in the placement of personnel who lack the credentials for the job has led to deterioration of products and services in all affected areas. The smug McConnell chuckle at Dems attempts for change is indicative of the control the Republicans have on govt. They have garnered control of the 3 branches of govt and physical removal (impeachement) of them from office seems to be the only alternative if this country does not want to wait until 2008 and the further damage that will surely be done by them to this country and the planet.



Let's not forget about the water supply that Halliburton has been contracted to keep safe for drinking.

Never mind that chlorine tests (needed to verify that water is safe for drinking) have come up negative.

Oh and by the way, these kids are going to come home with pathogens in there systems and won't know enough to get tested.

Who do you think is going to tell them to get tested? Not F#$%$ing Halliburton


The pressure wielded by OMB to advocate for A-76 privatization schemes generally, and the one at Walter Reed in particular, has been known for years. Gage is only relating what is widely accepted by those who've followed the twists and turns of this scandalous contract with IAP.


You know what? Now that some serious critical mass is gathering for impeachment of at least Cheny, perhaps we should look at the origins of the whole conspiracy: Project for a New American Century. And indeed a conspiracy it has been.

PNAC membership would be up for war crimes charges in any other reality. That is where this all began, institutionalizing the New Era of the Robber Barons.


IAP-Is a low cost non eff.useless out fit of Haliburton and Channeys and thier as useless as he is and dangerous to work for and have no consideration for peoples safety or welfare or Walter Reed for that matter.The preasure was put on by the Pentigan and Thier families are running the outfit and thier useless and unqualified.Retired navy personel and the DPW Manager ran a part of walter reed at another place for J.J and let it fall in a hole.Now thier loosing that and now IAP hired him to run thier part at WRAMC facility.The old DPW Manager had never even walked into building 18# and he was the Manager.(Deamico)wanted to know if it was really bad enouph that he would'nt want his child living there.They now have him as the head of the Engeneers at Walter Reed (TSB) Over 100,000 a year job.Thier all loosers but we're paying them.

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