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John Palcewski

The obscene farce continues, unabated. Chief Fascist Republican swine Karl Rove faxes Congress with his orders of the day, and every gooper follows in precise formation, goose-stepping their way to the total destruction of the Constitution, and the now outdated concepts of judicial review and congressional oversight. An imperial presidency is now upon us.

And the reaction of the electorate?

Well, guess what. Cheney's polls aren't as bad as they were made out to be. It appears now that the drunken shooting spree in Texas has NOT seriously affected fat ass's standing, nor diminished in any way his firm grip on the short hairs of congressmen. Oversee the secret spying? Forget it.

There should be outrage, but there isn't, except in the liberal blogs and we all know what that means. Karl has permanently redefined the term, so now we have to scramble around and find a new label, like progressive. Well, all right. Fine. I'm now a progressive.

This lack of public outrage is a very bad sign. I fear for America. It is being destroyed step-by-step, and the solid fascist swine "base" remains locked at 40 percent or thereabouts.

I say again, and I'll keep repeating it. Any American who votes in November for a Republican is a goddamned TRAITOR.

John Palcewski

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