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The Liberal Avenger

Did you do EST?


Actually, I was thinking about you just now, LA, as I sat reading Pico Iyer's piece in the latest NYRB on Pankaj Mishra's book on the Buddha. Do you ever get into Cambodia?

The Liberal Avenger

You are in the Daou report this morning! Wooo! That is how I found you the first time...

I have never been to Cambodia.

One time I was driving near the Cambodian border and I was "winging it," so to speak, and I found myself on a road that ended in razor wire, tank obstacles (sort of like big "jacks") and minefield warning signs in Thai and Khmer.

This will be year 17 that my wife and I have been together - 17 years of living between the US and Thailand. I keep telling myself that I am going to go off exploring Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or Malaysia but I never do. There is so much wonderfulness going on in Thailand - even in our little village - that I never feel like I have to go anywhere else.


I have a stolen Buddha. I didn't steal it and want to return it to its home but don't know where home is. Far Eastern scholars have looked at it but can't place it exactly. I think it must be part of a gatepost at Angkor Wat but... and there's a long story here which is interesting but not for these pages! I keep looking for someone who hangs out in the area who'd carry a slide around in his pocket...

I guess you've seen the film, "Mysterious Object at Noon"?

The Liberal Avenger

No - I have not seen that film. Should I seek it out?

Do you have a digital pic of the Buddha you can send me? I'd love to see it!

We have quite a collection here. Thai folks love Buddha amulets. We must have 1000 of them around the house "protecting" us. I'll try to find an article about Thai amulets. If I can't find an article, perhaps I'll write one!


I'll send a pic. I can also lend you the film. Be warned, it's pretty weird! But Elvis Mitchell liked it in the NYTimes ("unique dish of entertainment" "chamber music" etc.)

The Liberal Avenger

Thank you!

I realized that I should backtrack in what I said about visiting elsewhere... My wife, daughter and I love to travel and we do more than our fair share. Once we get to Thailand, however, we're usually there to stay.

I am very fond of China and Hong Kong. I have had strange and wonderful experiences in Kashmir and Ladakh. I have had strange and terrible experiences in India... I'll email you my Flickr link.

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